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Saturday, December 23, 2023

Christmas 2023 / New Year 2024 bus and train services in Galway

A summary of  bus and train services in Galway city and county 

for the

2023 Christmas and 2024 New Year period.

This is based on information published by the bus companies, and may change.
  Always check the services you want to use with the bus company.

Bus Company Announcements

Christmas timetable announcements from the major public transport companies in Galway:

Overall / before 24 December

Almost all services run normally - there are some exceptions for early morning or student services.

Park-and-ride from Ballyrit to the city-centre, runs from 11-24 December.   More info ...

Sunday 24 December

Normal Sunday timetable, until 8 / 9pm on most services

Monday 25 December - Christmas Day

  • The 12:30am Citylink bus from Dublin Airport to Galway will run
  • Some taxi companies will offer a limited service - but many will be closed.
  • All other services - trains and city and regional buses - are cancelled. 

Tuesday 26 December - St Steven's Day

Most companies run a regular Sunday service - but some are not operating at all.  No trains will run.

Wednesday 27 December

  • Mostly regular weekday services, some companies offering Sunday services

Thursday - Saturday 28-30 December

Mostly regular weekday services, with some exceptions.  Some companies are running Saturday services all week.

Sunday 31 December - New Year's Eve

Mostly a regular Sunday service in Galway City all day and all night - with some exceptions, especially evening trains and some regional buses

Monday 1 January - New Year's Day

Most companies are running Sunday services.

Tuesday 2 January - Day after New Year's onwards

This is a normal working day, and most companies will run regular timetables form now on: some have exceptions for student and/or early morning or late evening services.

Please note

This information is for the Galway area only. Changes in other areas are not included.
 See City Bus Details and Regional Bus Details for normal timetables and route maps