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Thursday, March 12, 2020

Bus and train services on St Patrick's day 2020

The information below is for 2020.
Please see St Patrick's Day public transport for the latest information.

Update:  since this was published, several bus-companies have announced on-going timetable changed due to the Covid-19 virus pandemic.  Please check with the company for updated information before planning any travel.

Also Tuesday 17th March 2019St Patrick's Day / Lá Féile Pádraic is a public holiday in Ireland.   Most public transport services will run a Sunday timetable.    

The Corona virus closedown means that the traditional parades will not be occurring, so services should run according to the timetable.


Galway City Bus services

Bus Éireann have said that they will run a Sunday timetable on Tuesday 17 and March

City Direct have announced they will run a regular Sunday timetable on Tuesday 17th March:

See City Bus Services for route maps and timetable links.

Regional Bus services

Bus Éireann 

Bus Eireann have announced that they will run a Sunday timetable on Tuesday 17 March, except that these buses are cancelled:
  • 8:15pm Limerick to Galway route X51
  • 3:30  Dundalk to Galway and 6pm Galway to Dundalk route 70.

Burkes (Tuam and Headford)

Have not made an announcement, but will most likely run a Sunday timetable on Tuesday 17 aMarch.

Bus4U (Roscommon)

Have not yet made an announcement - details will be added when they do.

Bus Feda (Sligo, Donegal)

Will run a reduced Sunday timetable  on both 17 and 18 March.   See their website for details

Farrels of Athenry

Have announced that they will run:

  • Regular Sunday services to/from Athenry om Tuesday 17th, 
  • The Athenry NightLink service on both Monday 16th and Tuiesday 17th of March.

CityLink (Dublin, Cork, Clifden)

Citylink have announced that they will run a regular service, but there will be changes to their Dublin pickup points.

GoBus (Dublin)

GoBus have announced that they will run a regular service, but there will be changes to their Dublin pickup point for  Galway - Dublin services, the Galway route for the Galway / Ballina servcie.

Other companies

Have not made specific announcements:  it is likely that they will run regular Sunday-timetable services on 17 March.   See Regional Bus Services for a full listing of all companies involved.

Train services

Irish Rail have announced services to particular areas.  They will probalby run a regular (or perhaps enhanced) Sunday timetable with some alterations on 17 and 18 March 2022.