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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Buses and trains for the August Bank Holiday - 2014

castle and autumn leaves in sunshine

Monday 4 August 2014 

is a

bank / public holiday in Ireland.

City Bus Services

Bus √Čireann and City Direct will run their their standard Sunday city services in Galway on Sunday 3 and Monday 4 August.

Regional Bus Services

A standard Sunday timetable applies for most regional and national public transport services on both Sun 3rd and Mon 4 August.  However:
  • On Sunday 3rd August, Bus √Čireann will operate a Sunday timetable, except that the 3:30pm Dundalk to Galway and 6pm Galway to Dundalk services are cancelled.
  • On Monday 4th August, Bus √Čireann will operate a Sunday timetable with a number of changes (both cancellations and additions) that affect Galway services.    See their announcement for full detail.
  • Bus Feda (Galway - Donegal) will run a limited service on Sunday, and an extended service on the Monday.   See their announcement for details.

Train services

On Sunday 3rd, Irish Rail will run a normal Sunday service, with two cancellations in each direction between Galway and Dublin.

On Monday 4th, Irish Rail will run a timetable based on the normal Monday service, but with a number of alterations.

See their published bank holiday weekend timetable for details.