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Friday, March 29, 2013

Easter 2013 Bus and train services

The following information is for an earlier year.

See Easter bus service information for up to date  bus and train details for Easter weekend.

Easter is from Friday 29 March - Monday 1 April in 2013.

Good Friday is not a public holiday in the Republic of Ireland:  most public-transport run normal services, with some exceptions.  However all pubs are closed, and some other companies treat the day as a "bank holiday".

Easter Saturday and Easter Sunday are not public holidays:  regular Sat / Sun timetables generally apply.

Easter Monday is a public holiday, so in most cases Sunday services will be run.

Also, daylight savings time starts from the last Sunday in March, so clocks will spring forward by one hour at 2am on Sunday morning.   However some companies will vary this slightly to suit their timetables.

Announcements from individual companies are summarised below.  Always check with the company for specific services.

Bus √Čireann

(city and regional / national services)
  • Good Friday - normal Friday services
  • Easter Saturday - regular Saturday service
  • Easter Sunday - normal Sunday service, except for 3:30pm Dundalk / Galway and 6pm Galway / Dundalk, and 4:45pm Tuam / Athlone, 6:15pm Athlone / Tuam Sligo / Galway at 9:05pm - which are all cancelled
  • Easter Monday - based on the normal Sunday service, with a number of changes.  See their press-release for details

City Direct buses:

  • Good Friday - regular Saturday timetable, except that the last bus leaves Eyre Square at 6:45pm.
  • Easter Saturday - regular Saturday service
  • Easter Sunday AND Monday - regular Sunday service.


Running regular daily timetable during each day of Easter. However services will operate on daylight-savings time from the beginning of Sunday (ie midnight on Saturday night) - see their announcement for more details.


Services will run on new / daylight-savings time from midnight on Saturday night see their announcement for further information.

Feda O'Donnail (Galway / Sligo / Donegal)

Some slight alternations - see their announcement for full details


Regular Friday services on Good Friday - except for the NightLink service that will not run.
However NightLink will run on both Saturday and Sunday nights.

Other bus companies:

Have not issued information about their Easter timetables. Check with individual companies for details.


Irish Rail's Easter service details are available here.  For Galway they are running:
  • normal Friday services on Good Friday
  • normal Saturday services on Easter Saturday
  • Sunday services on Easter Sunday, with three cancellations
  • normal Sunday services on Easter Monday.
There are more differences in other areas, including extra trains for some special events.