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Sunday, November 16, 2014

November / December 2014 bus and train fare increases

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Details of December 2014 public-transport fare increases for Galway have been released by the National Transport Authority.

These fares apply from 1 December 2014, for the 2015 calendar year.   Monthly and annual ticket prices are being applied during November for tickets that will be used from December.

The Galway City Bus Fares page will be updated with this information shortly.

Bus Éireann city bus services

Tickets paid for using a Leap card:

  • Adult fare stays at €1.60, no increase
  • School-child stays at 76c, no increase
  • Child fare does down from  €0.97 to €0.92, a decrease of 5.17%
Note:  Leap cards were introduced in Galway in September 2014.   On average, Leap fares are 30% cheaper than cash fares.  More information about using Leap in Galway.

Single journey tickets:

  • Adult from €1.90 to €2.00, an increase of 5.26%
  • School-child from €0.90 to €0.95, an increase of 5.15%
  • Child fare stays at €1.15 to €1.15, an increase of 0%
There is no single-journey student ticket.

Day Passes

  • Adult from €4.10 to €4.20, an increase of 2.44%.  
    If  loaded onto a Leap card (ie purchased from a Payzone shop) then they are valid for 24 hours from the time of purchase.  
    Day-passes purchased from the driver are only valid for the calendar day.
  • There are no day-passes for children or students.

Weekly tickets:

  • Adult stays at €20.20, no increase 
  • Student from €17.80 to €18.20, an increase of 2.25% 
  • Child from €8.20 to €8.30, an increase of 1.22%


  • Adult from €65.50 to €69.50, ie an increase of 6.11% 
  • Student from €56.50 to €57.60, an increase of 1.95% 
  • Child from €30.00 to €30.60, an increase of 2.00%

Annual tickets (including Tax-saver)

  • Adult: from €720.00  to  €764.50 an increase of 6.18%

There are no annual student or child fares.

Bus Éireann regional and commuter buses

Fares on these services are also increasing:  the amount depends on the distance travelled, but is between 5% and 7% for monthly tickets, and 0.5 - 1.0% on single-journey tickets.

Other bus companies

The private companies providing city and regional bus services in Galway do not receive any Government subsidy, so their fares are not approved by the National Transport Authority.   However some are likely to increase their fares at approximately the same time as Bus Éireann.

Iarnród Éireann / Irish Rail

Intercity fares on the Galway services are increasing by approximately 4%, depending on the distance travelled and ticket type.