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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Hailo moblile-phone taxi hailing service is now live in Galway

Hailo have announced that their smart-phone based taxi-cab service is now live in Galway,

They report that 150 of Galway's taxi-drivers have signed up to use it so far.

How the Hailo service works

  • Taxi-drivers sign up to use the service - this makes them eligible to be assigned to any jobs that are requested in Hailo.
  • People who want to use the service download software (the "Hailo app") onto an iPhone or Android phone - see the Getting started page for details.   They they register an account, and may register a credit or debit card as well.
  • Then when a person wants a taxi, they use the app:  the phone's GPS works out where they are (the customer can refine this, and add more details), and place an order.   One of the registered taxi-drivers picks it up.
See their website for more detailed information about how the service work.

Advantages of using Hailo

  • All taxi-journeys are with registered taxis, and are logged - this makes it safer
  • You can pay using your registered card if you want - less cash for you and the taxi driver to carry
  • There is no call-out fee.   (Regular fares, including flag-fall, still apply)
  • Both the passenger and the taxi-driver get better information.

Note:   the service was only started in Dublin and Cork recently.  It is not yet clear how well it is set up to work in Galway.

See Taxi-offices in Galway for city-centre locations where you can walk-up and request a taxi for no call-out-fee.